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Xiomi redmi 2

                                   Xiaomi launched a smartphone had a best specs ever with a minimum price. Xiaomi debut a New smartphone named a Xiaomi Redmi 1s. It was a great smartphones.Also the best thing about this phone had a 1GB of RAM and built a camera upto 8 megapixels.People really wanted to buy this phone and overall perforamance of this device was very good in gaming, taking pictures.But as i used a Redmi 1s here there was only a Andriod Jellybean 4.3.2 which were not upgraded it into a Kitkat whereas other smartphones were upgrading into android Kitkat.But overall specs were good with low budget smartphone.Smartphones company challenging to make smartphones with a low budget ability to work all function in the smartphones and now Xiaomi company challenge the face for launching a low budget smartphones. Xiaomi launched a new Xiaomi Redmi 2 a successor of Redmi 1s. Redmi 2 upgraded the specs.It is also available with five variants color which is very cool to use them