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NOkiA Lumia 535

MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 Microsoft launched a new Lumia 535 which is a based on Windows Platform.The previous version launched by Nokia Lumia 530 which was hit in the market.People wanted to change their experience using a windows based phones.The new lumia 535 really get new specs for getting a new experience using a windows phone. It comes with quad processor with 1 GB of RAM gives a new way to run any application. Former Nokia Lumia 530 did not have a quad processor and only having a Dual core processor with  512 MB of RAM which was not good  for running any application.New Microsoft Lumia 535 have a bigger screen size for experiencing a new way to watch movies, playing games and using any application.It has a 5 inch screen.Sometimes people are not satisfied with a big screen  phones because it does not make any sense to hold a big screen  phones in your palm. That's why many people are not upgrade their smartphones only a matter of big screen.As per your usage you c