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NOkiA Lumia 535

MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 Microsoft launched a new Lumia 535 which is a based on Windows Platform.The previous version launched by Nokia Lumia 530 which was hit in the market.People wanted to change their experience using a windows based phones.The new lumia 535 really get new specs for getting a new experience using a windows phone. It comes with quad processor with 1 GB of RAM gives a new way to run any application. Former Nokia Lumia 530 did not have a quad processor and only having a Dual core processor with  512 MB of RAM which was not good  for running any application.New Microsoft Lumia 535 have a bigger screen size for experiencing a new way to watch movies, playing games and using any application.It has a 5 inch screen.Sometimes people are not satisfied with a big screen  phones because it does not make any sense to hold a big screen  phones in your palm. That's why many people are not upgrade their smartphones only a matter of big screen.As per your usage you c

Asus Android Phones

Asus launched a new smartphones range that made specifically for any kind of users.It available with a different screen size according to the User compatible.A lot of new feature made by Asus. The best feature giving by Asus which connects to pc-link with your laptop or computer  ready to share all your stuff without touch a phone.You need to connect it with USB cable or via wifi(miracast) which share your screen in laptop. Upgrading a new Android Kitkat firmware in all Asus phones which brings you different way using android. It is not update in Android Lollipop but it is sufficient for experiencing a new kitkat OS.Here,  one more app that is inbuilt all the devices i.e App lock without installing to the playstore. you can lock all the app which do not open anyone.."Do it Later" one of best app  which can use day to day life routine.It helps you never let you  skip your activity and you can save all your activity on this app.A very

Samsung Note Edge

Samsung launching a very unique smatphone which survive in upcoming days.A new samsung Galaxy Note Edge similar specs to new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.What make it differ from other smartphones ? It differ from other smartphone i.e Edge.You can read all your notification on the Edge screen.Is it best to read all notification through the edge screen? When you take out a phone from your pocket  and swipe notification bar to read all information but in Galaxy Edge you did not swipe to read the notification, all updates automatically see in edge screen.When you watching a video and playing games, the edge screen is not bother you. The edge screen is only for notifiaction.It's very fine to see all stuff.It's having a Stylus which brings a same experienced to a Galaxy note 4.The Edge strip can perform various type like scaling, recording, time notify. Overall the performance is good.But it will available only in some countries.May be it will happy for Android Users for getting ne


Selling a new Iphone 6 on the many people are very interest to upgrade a new iphone. What iphone 6 makes different to other smartphones ? The new iphone 6 looks pretty, stylish, and gives a best performance in the World.Here you can know about wheather iphone 6 is best for you or not. If i talk about the specs, the new hardware is based on ARM v8-based on microprocessor which gives  a better performance than older iphone 5s.It includes a RAM only 1GB that may be sufficient for all running a apps.The same as older iphone 5s.There is no changes in RAM.The new iphone 6 has a 8 megapixel same as old iphone 5s.Only the difference is Screen size option you can get upto 4.7 inch.whereas touch id is very secure to pay out any transaction via Mastercard, AMEX or visa certified.There is a include a NFC in new iphone 6.GPU is also changes to make a good performance in gaming.It having a hexa-core graphics which is 6 times faster than older iphone 5s.Overall specs are same

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung unveil a new smartphones list.A new Galaxy note 4 comes into a way. Samsung debut to start a Galaxy Note.It was hit in the market due to having a stylus pen in Android phone. So you can use Android phone with Stylus.It had a big screen size to note everything just in your phone.All your stuff being a more informative by using the stylus.Basically, it was more useful in business purposes.And now, samsung launching 4th(Gen) of New Galaxy Note series.It will come with Android Kitkat version. And it will soonly convert into Android L.Samsung come in a market with a lot of new features.This unique feature that any user might be work in their smartphones.I called it "Simultaneous MultiWindow".You can work simultaneous in Galaxy note can hide your work if you want to watching a movie and you quick add into your note. Is it interesting feature ?                                                                           The New Galaxy note 4 comes wit


The three Indian Companies launched a three exciting phones for only Indian Consumers. The price tag only under 100$ or  Rs 6,000.These three phones called a ANDROID ONE. The three phones launched for Indian customers who do not want to purchase higher price phones.Whereas you can get all updates same as nexus phone does. The performance all three pretty good. As you can play games as well watching a Movie with a HD videos without lag.Here all three Phones get same process overclock 1.3 GHz quad core cortex A-7 built 400 Mali GPU.You get latest Operating system that is available Android Kikat 4.4.4 for all three devices. After purchasing a phone your phone is update in Android L. So you can able to work on latest Operating system same update in Nexus phone.The screen size is pretty good to watch a movie or playing a games. It gives you a 4.5 inch screen which enables to read a e-books and surfing a web browser.Overall all firmware updates all three phones simultaneousl

Moto G2

                                        Moto G (2nd Gen) Google launched a new smartphones with Motorola. Among them very unique smarthphones they built for the daily users.The first Motorola phone came in Indian market i.e called a Moto G. Moto G has came with a unique feature under a 230$ or only Rs 13,999.It came with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor which runs all apps wihout causing any problem.The best part for the new Moto g, it came with a new Android Kitkat version which is not available for any smartphones.Moto g affect inbuilt a features like moto migrate, moto assist, moto Alert which keeps daily aware for your day to day task.Many test performed  with this device and the result was very impressive. But if there is also serious disadvantages that users might be do not want to purchase  the Moto g. that is NO inbulit card slot in the Moto G. Only it was availalble with 8 gb or 16 gb.But Many users wanted a card slot to share with their friends.                  

Android and iphone

                                                                                                                             Comparing between Android and IOS  Upcoming new Operating system available in Nexus and Apple phones. But there is a confusion between a new OS that will be compatiable for any kind of users.Firstly, we are talking about the new Andriod L or Lollipop that is based on the material design. The new design looks pretty good, that having  built a new features which dazzling your eyes.Upgrading a new OS covering a new extra features like "Notification system" which individual can update their notification without open an app and unlocking a screen. It saves your time.A new feature is added i.e. A  do-not-disturb me only for notifications which helps you not disturb of your friends, boss and your girlfriend.Here you can stop all your notification for an hour or a day. That sound's pretty good.Sometimes you watching a movie afterwar