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Asus Android Phones

Asus launched a new smartphones range that made specifically for any kind of users.It available with a different screen size according to the User compatible.A lot of new feature made by Asus. The best feature giving by Asus which connects to pc-link with your laptop or computer  ready to share all your stuff without touch a phone.You need to connect it with USB cable or via wifi(miracast) which share your screen in laptop. Upgrading a new Android Kitkat firmware in all Asus phones which brings you different way using android. It is not update in Android Lollipop but it is sufficient for experiencing a new kitkat OS.Here,  one more app that is inbuilt all the devices i.e App lock without installing to the playstore. you can lock all the app which do not open anyone.."Do it Later" one of best app  which can use day to day life routine.It helps you never let you  skip your activity and you can save all your activity on this app.A very